"... The RCC Team got my back."

My co worker referred me to Chad after a fall out from another realtor. Chad made me realized that not all realtor are after their commission. Being a first time home buyer in 2014 Chad and his team guided me through the process. He let me be in control but at the same time protected me from the perils of home buying. Even his connections from the bank gave me advise and extensive help I would have never imagined people on this business would do just to make sure your dreams are realized. I have two houses now; just when everybody was saying it was an impossible feat for a single income person. That's because the RCC Team got my back.  They made all things possible. RCC is "The Dream Team."

-Adelfa R.

"A smooth transition"

Chad made the whole process of selling and buying our new home so much easier. I strongly recommend him and his team to anyone who needs a truly qualified agent.”

-Gie C. 

"...going out of his way to ensure a smooth, stress free and easy experience."

Chad and his team were highly recommended to us by family and friends, and we could definitely say we made the right decision of choosing him. With our limited budget, wish list, and target date, he was able to find us the perfect house earlier than we expected in a great location. As first-time home buyers, he was there the whole time from explaining the entire process, guiding us in every step and decision we make, going out of his way just to ensure a smooth, stress-free, and easy experience. Chad is very reliable, committed, and professional. We would definitely recommend Chad and his team to anyone.”

-Kervin and Julie K.

"He will not only close the deal on your home, he will be there for you after the sale..."

Romeo is a full time agent with a wealth of knowledge and experience. There is honestly a lot to do when purchasing a home, so having a great agent definitely lowers the stress and makes home buying enjoyable and effortless. If this is your first home and are unsure, Romeo also has a great team of Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, and Contractors etc., who will help and guide you every step of the way. Romeo is down to earth and great to work with. He will not only close the deal on your home, he will be there for you after the sale to help your transition move smoothly.

-Paulo F. 

"...trustworthy and genuinely care about your needs..."

Romeo and RCC team were more than helpful to us on more than one occasion. They are trustworthy and genuinely care about your needs. I would personally recommend this team. They are very easy to work with and give their honest opinions, never pushy and always ready to help or advise. Thanks to you Romeo & Romeila & the rest of you team for your efforts!

-Susan K.

We are happy with RCC-Romeo Chadley Crisostomo Real Estate Group who made our dream possible! Thank you Chad & Co. who helped us and accommodated us well. Chad proved himself to be skillful, dedicated, he expressed true caring and interest in our home needs with excellent service . He is the one who did everything when we sell our house way back year 2013& now we came back to him again this year 2020 to buy a house again .We highly recommend RCC Real estate group.Thank you Chad for your gift -a huge TV -God bless your heart! More blessings always! Calderon Family

- Arthur C.

Being a first time home buyer can be overwhelming, there are multiple to things to consider that you could get lost and not know where to start. Fortunately, having Marrise and the whole team made the whole transition easier. The whole team filled the lack of knowledge I have in this field and aided in finding the perfect place that suited my preferences. I am thankful for Marisse for helping me out! I am a person who works around the clock but she made it work for me without having to sacrifice work periods! She is very patient and went above and beyond! I recommend the RCC team to anyone looking help in real estate!! I am going 3 months here in my first home and I am very satisfied! :)

- Joselyn L.

The process that we went through while trying to acquire a house was so stressful and overwhelming, but with the help of the RCC team, Marisse in particular, we finally found a place that we can call home. Thank you so much for the hardwork and patience.

- Bien & Joy D.

Almost 3 years ago Chad had helped us find our first home. We felt his sincerity, support and care to help us achieve our dream. I thought our “ partnership” is over when we had our place. But to this very date, he remains the same. Thank you Chad and family

-Pilar A.

"The transactions end to end

were thorough and simple"

Chadley found us the best starter home for our little family. The location was good, the house in great condition and the price reasonable. He helped us get our house within one week of our first meeting. The transactions end to end were thorough yet simple. It's been three months now and we are very satisfied with our house. Thanks, Chadley and best of luck!

-Darla & Mark F.

"...they were working diligently for us"

We have no reservations whatsoever in saying that the team of Romeo and Romeila is very knowledgeable and results-oriented. From the initial consultation, to price- setting, to marketing and all other tasks in between that lead up to the culmination of the sale, we felt that they were working diligently for us.

After availing of their services for the first time, my wife and I have utilized their services once more and have recommended them to our children, as well.

-Roy and Maura G.

"...listen and respect their client's wishes"

Chad and his team have given us top notch service. They are always on top of everything and are great at follow ups. They listen and respect their client's wishes. Look no further if you need a realtor!

-Janine and Reoben C.

"You can really trust them in buying your dream house."

Chad helped us save 5000 on bidding our home. I wanted to bid $320k but Chad told me that he could get the house for $315k and save the $5000 because it was not easy to earn that extra $5000. I'm so thankful for Chad and his team. You can really trust them in buying your dream house.

-Amielle P.

"He is honest and hands-on and he really helped to take the pressure off of us..." 

We can't speak highly enough of our experience with Chad and RRC team. We were first-time homebuyers with very little knowledge about how to find the right place. He is honest and hands-on and he really helped to take the pressure off of us. He was always accessible and willing to make a variety of suggestions and options as we tried to. We feel we have a trustworthy agent, as well as a friend! Thank you, Chad & team!
-Zen H.

"...a man with integrity, credibility and honesty..."

Chadley you’re a man with integrity, credibility and honesty. Thank you for guiding me through the whole process of buying my first realty investment; and for patiently answering all my queries. Kudos to your well organized RCC real state team. I like the five star service indeed.

- Ron N.

Whatever kind of market we may be in, whether it be a buyer’s or seller’s market, Chad is the kind of realtor you would want on your side. He knows when to be cautious and when to be undaunted. And when he teams up with Romeila, they become a formidable team brought about by years of experience in the real estate business. There would be no hesitation on our part to avail of their services again.

- Rodolfo H.

I met Chad and his wife at a party, they told me they are realtors. That time me and my husband were thinking of investing on something, glad that we met just the right person with great knowledge in investing in real estate. He told us and will never forget, that yes you can invest on anything and earn from it. But why don't you invest on something that you can see, feel and enjoy. So we said, why not and try. And with the help of James, we went literally everywhere here and there to find the best place, thank you for their utmost patience! We finally got a condo near Yorkdale. Thank you for your help! I'd recommended them to my friends and will continue to do so because they are focused on building good relationship to their clients.

-Katrina F.

Romeo can make your life so much easier if you just let him buy/sell your property. Without Romeo, we couldn't have sold our property. We made a big mistake not asking him to sell our property first! Please know this, if you want peace of mind whether you are thinking of selling or buying your house, get Romeo's advice. He is organized, honest and to me, he is my bestfriend to be there whenever I needed him. I can honestly say you have nothing to worry if Romeo is with you.. He is the best in the market and do not get stuck with someone who can make your life miserable like what I went through.

- Fidel G.

They took care of my selling and buying. Evrything was easy and straightforward. Thank you

-Arcee S.

"We feel like we won big in buying this house"

We just want to thank you for your patience with us. You are always ready for everything and never gave up on us on our journey to find the best house. We feel like we won big in buying this house. Our friends are jealous of our new place and its features. You always knew what to do in any given situation. Thank you for the wonderful experience and I just want to let everyone know that we have the best, smart, experienced and professional agent."

-Irene & Rio R.

"We had the condo sold within two weeks which was unbelieveable."

In June 2016, we had to sell our grand mother's condo. We wanted to get rid of it quickly. Chadley with a business schedule worked hard to get it listed and ready to sell within days. We had the condo sold within two weeks which was unbelievable. Thank you Chadley and team.”

-Edmund C.

"You made yourself available... and you were always reachable..."

Thank you so much for your assistance in helping us find and purchase our first house! We love our new place and we are looking forward to many years of happiness here. We could not have been happier with the service that you have provided us. You made yourself availablewhen were looking for houses and you were always reachable whenever we had a question. You have always maintained the perfect balance of professionalism, good humor, patience, and understanding. You have been a true delight to work with on a personal level as well, reassuring us and comforting us through the stressful task of closing on a house from afar. We would (and will) recommend you to family, friends, and anyone else that we hear might be looking to buy or sell a house. Come the day another move is in our future, we look forward to working with you again. Thanks again Chad!

-Bernie G. 

"They really stood tall with their A-game on the modern market...."

Chad and Romeila are both professional and euphoric in handling our buying and first time selling experience. They really stood tall with their A-game on the modern market. An awesome team from a young couple with profound guidance and encouragement that delivers swift winning with their warmth of family oversight. I will absolutely get their outstanding service again this coming year for my real estate investment. Cheers RCC Team!

- Zeus MC.

"Chad's team deliver and truely exceeded expectation!..."

What a wonderful experience we had with Chad, Romeila and their team. Before putting our house to the market, we had several meetings to have everything properly planned and trust their process. Our house were sold on less than a week. Also looking for a our next house was a breeze. They listened well to what we are looking for and with their help us found our forever home. Chad's team deliver and truely exceeded expectation! Truely highly recommend their team.. Bravo Chad and team!

​-Michelle A.

It was first week of Feb 2020 when I called chad and asked for a meeting. My husband and I told him that I guess it's time to move on with our plans to sell our townhouse and move to a bigger house for our growing Children. Chad asked us how much time we needed to declutter and prepare the house? 2 weeks after, the very talented Romeila stepped in and did our house staging. Our place looked like a million dollar house in the heart of north york. In a span of 3 weeks from the time we spoke to Chad our house is up in the market. Marisse was in charge of our open house, Christal is very helpful working with and making sure all documents are up to date. Everyone in RCC teams are very helpful and guided us all through out. Our house was sold in less than a week, 2 weeks after we got our dream house. In a matter of less than 2 months we sold and obtained a house. Of course things did not went smoothly as I hope it'll be. There's a bit of drama on our part in which I will be forever grateful to this team for not leaving us. Special mention to marisse for going the extra mile in helping us find a perfect house for my family. I couldn't thanked enough RCC group for all the help you've done. I highly recommend this team. You'll be sure in good hands with them. God bless your entire team! Cheers!

- Angelica M.

RCC Team is a complete package; heaven sentMy family is so blessed to have met them. I would recommend them to my family and friends. Continue to be a blessing to every family. Cheers!

- Levi Ina D.

I highly recommend Romeo and his team to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home for the reasons: - they have excellent customer service - their product knowledge is exemplary and they're the go- to person when it comes to real estate - they would help you a have your dream house in a happy experience.

-Mark R.

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